Several achievements of Sangha Tri-national Fund (TNS),

FTNS since its creation in 2007 has accomplished several achievements with its various partners, some of which include;

Support to the conservation and management of protected areas:

  • Improved infrastructure and basic equipment for the operation of the parks through the construction of offices, living quarters and monitoring stations and maintenance of tracks;
  • Acquisition of communication equipment (radio, thuraya ...) and transportation (canoes, outboard and vehicles).
  • Reinforcement of patrol efforts resulting in the increase in seizures of trophies and weapons;
  • Support to the monitoring of litigation following the arrest of the legendary poachers;
  • Restoration of forests in over 16 areas degraded by past logging in the park has been accomplished through support to natural regeneration activities and the production and planting of more than 5,000 forest tree seedlings.
  • FTNS, as a member of the Consortium for African Funds for the Environment CAFE, organised the Network’s its 4th General Assembly in September 2014 in Douala with over 40 participants from various nationalities.
  • Support throughout the TNS selection process as a UNESCO's World Heritage site.
  • Drafting and update of the land-use plan that serves as a reference document which describes the types of forest vegetation, the landscape, the present land use and management strategies used by various stakeholders in different parts of the landscape and protected area management plans.

The FTNS Achievements (TNS)

1,017,854 ha

The TNS is limited by 4 departments

  • Boumba et Ngoko (Cameroon)
  • Sangha (Congo)
  • Sangha Mbaéré (CAR)
  • Likouala (Congo)

Several achievements of Sangha Tri-national Fund (TNS),

In terms of eco-development:

  • Reinforcement of tourist welcome facilities in parks, training local guides and construction of watchtowers.
  • Support towards the improvement of the supply of health services in the periphery of the Dzanga Sangha protected areas through the acquisition for equipment and drugs in health centres.
  • Completion of the baseline and setting up of a database to track the evolution of socio-economic indicators in the Sangha Tri-National.
  • Providing support for the production of several communication tools (video, brochure, website and various presentations) and participation at several events for the promotion of ecotourism and ecological features of TNS and fundraising for its sustainability;
  • Support towards the implementation of several development projects to improve the living conditions of TNS local populations through agriculture, fishing and other sustainable activities.

Cross – Border cooperation component:

  • Support towards the operation and functioning of the Tri-National Brigade to Fight Anti-Poaching (BLAB) on the site of Nyangouté since July 2011.
  • The revitalization of the cross-border cooperation process by supporting the regular holding of meetings of key TNS management bodies including the Tri-National Committee for planning and implementation (CTPE) and the Tri-National Monitoring Committee (CTS).

The Strategic Partners Of FTNS

With a wide range of activities and an immense area to preserve, the Foundation is supported by various leading partners, both national and international. Financial, technical and institutional partners.