Our Mission

Mission of the Sangha Tri-National Fund

Support the implementation of best practices for the conservation of biodiversity and the socio-economic well-being of communities and other stakeholders in and around TNS, in collaboration with other technical and financial partners; support the financing of protected areas, catalyze resources to promote the conservation of biodiversity in the Sangha Tri-National forests, through investment in sustainable community development.


trust fund financing long-term conservation, eco-development and cooperation activities of the TNS.

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Our Vision

Vision of the Sangha Tri-National Fund

FTNS is a sufficiently capitalized and remunerated Trust Fund so as to provide the financial resources to ensure effective conservation and long-term eco-development in the cross-border TNS complex.

The Strategic Partners Of FTNS

With a wide range of activities and an immense area to preserve, the Foundation is supported by various leading partners, both national and international. Financial, technical and institutional partners.