Support for the dynamics of cross-border cooperation

FTNS has so far provided technical and financial support

FTNS has so far provided technical and financial support for the preparation and holding of various TNS management bodies meetings. The following bodies have benefited from FTNS funding.

  • The Tri-National Supervision and Arbitration Committee (CTSA), whose sessions in 2010, 2015 and 2017 adopted the TNS land use plan and signed several TNS operating protocols.
  • The Tri-National Planning and Implementation Committee (CTPE), whose sessions made it possible to develop and monitor the implementation of three-year plans and annual work plans for TNS activities.
  • The Tri National Monitoring Committee (CTS), whose sessions dealt with issues relating to the free movement of persons, the lack of communication between the administrations of the different countries and the conflicts that have arisen between t TNS stakeholders.

The Strategic Partners Of FTNS

With a wide range of activities and an immense area to preserve, the Foundation is supported by various leading partners, both national and international. Financial, technical and institutional partners.