Our Values

The FTNS activities are based on core values including:


Participation and dialogue

The FTNS’ priorities are defined taking into account its partners opinion;

Good Governance

Building on the principles of transparency and accountability, the management team ensures that individual interests do not override those of FTNS;


FTNS financing complements the national and international funding serving as an incentive to encourage other partners to invest, particularly in the context of partnerships between the public and private sectors.


The management of funds received by FTNS is carried out with respect to the commitments made to stakeholders represented by donors, governments, local residents and other actors;


FTNS implements mechanisms for flexibility which permits it to respond quickly to the needs of beneficiaries and recommendations of partners, auditors and assessment missions;

The Strategic Partners Of FTNS

With a wide range of activities and an immense area to preserve, the Foundation is supported by various leading partners, both national and international. Financial, technical and institutional partners.