Support for conservation and monitoring

FTNS has contributed to the implementation of several activities and investments for the functioning of the monitoring teams

FTNS has contributed to the implementation of several activities and investments for the functioning of the monitoring teams, and the mobilization of local actors for actions to protect the resources of the TNS parks.

In specific ways, the support of the FTNS has facilitated:

  • The construction of several monitoring stations (Socambo, Dzanga, Yobe...);
  • The equipment of the radio equipment of the network of cross-border surveillance posts;
  • Increasing the patrol effort from an average of 12 days/months/ecoguards to at least 20 days/months/ecoguards;
  • Raising awareness among local populations and setting up community monitoring organizations on poaching and unsustainable exploitation of natural resources;
  • The development and monitoring of the implementation of anti-poaching strategies;
  • Organization of training sessions for ecoguards, officers and agents of judicial police, hunters and community organizations on the legal aspects of anti-poaching and wildlife laws;
  • Organization of working sessions between protected area managers, communities, experts and lawyers in the wildlife law review process;
  • The signing of collaboration agreements between protected area managers, the private sector and civil society on monitoring actions;
  • The prosecution of several poachers arrested during patrols or punching operations.
  • The acquisition of drones for space surveillance
  • Support for the development of the aerial surveillance programme in the TNS.

Support for the creation and operation of BLAB

The TNS Anti-Poaching Brigade, a unit bringing together ecoguards from the three TNS parks, remains a major achievement of FTNS, which has been covering its operating costs since its creation. In addition, FTNS grants facilitated: the construction of office buildings at BLAB headquarters in Nyangouté, the acquisition of office equipment and furniture, electrification and drinking water supply to the site, the acquisition of dugouts with off-board for patrol missions in the Sangha River, the acquisition of dirt bikes, the acquisition and installation of radio equipment for telecommunications, and the financing of the BLAB’s operations.

Located in Nyangouté (Central African Republic) has reduced poaching pressure at this intersection of the three TNS parks. The construction of office buildings for BLAB headquarters in Nyangouté.

The Strategic Partners Of FTNS

With a wide range of activities and an immense area to preserve, the Foundation is supported by various leading partners, both national and international. Financial, technical and institutional partners.