la FTNS recrute un Conseiller en Investissement


Solicitation of Proposal for an Independent Financial Advisor for the Sangha Tri-National Trust Fund (FTNS)

Solicitation of Proposals for an Independent Financial Advisor for “La Fondation pour le Tri-National de la Sangha”

As the interface between its asset managers and the FTNS, the FTNS is supported by an Independent Financial Advisor. The primary duty of the Independent Financial Advisor is providing sound investment advice and financial guidance to FTNS free of any conflict of interest. FTNS’s Independent Financial Advisor has four complementary roles:

  1. Strategic Investment Policy
  2. Supporting Investment Management
  3. Portfolio Supervision
  4. Reporting

In accordance with its “Manuel de Procedures Administratives, Comptables, Financieres et Budgetaires Specifiques”, the FTNS intends to procure and contract an Independent Financial Advisor (the “Advisor”) by means of a competitive, fair and transparent Solicitation Procedure.

The FTNS now invites Proposals by interested and qualified firms and individuals. The Solicitation procedure is implemented by a Tender Agent on behalf of the FTNS. Interested firms and individuals may contact the Tender Agent Rene Meyer by email to obtain the Terms of Reference and more details about the Solicitation Procedure.

Proposals may be submitted until June 15th, 2020, 6 pm (West Africa Standard Time).

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